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Outsourcing today has become a global trend, vital to the strategy of every foremost organization and company. Global outsourcing permits companies to outsource tasks using the best possible resources accessible globally at the most cost effective prices. Even though outsourcing is by no means a current occurrence, this practice has become increasingly rampant in the IT and software industry in recent years. This has been brought about because of the dawn of the Internet and major improvement in the communication infrastructure worldwide.

Offshore outsourcing offers companies several benefits– outsourcing non-core activities enables companies to spotlight their resources on their core competencies and it enables them to take advantage of important cost savings over a long term.

India has been at the forefront of this revolution from the start and at the moment enjoys the desirable reputation of being the preferred destination for offshore outsourcing of IT services, software development and business processes. Numerous factors contribute to India’s existing position – a large group of English speaking technical professionals; low costs associated with the technical talent in India; and a political ambiance which promotes constancy, security and the economic growth.

ETNL BPO offers a dedicated balanced team with considerable project experience for our client's software needs. ETNL promotes professional IT solutions and quality products. We assist SME's and educational institutions to implement IT based administration and management, both in web based and intranet infrastructure. Our educational and teaching products and training for teachers, professionals and other HR services are proven in last many years.

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