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Books Details Management.
This module is used to enter all details regarding a book under various categories. The details entered can be edited or deleted with different options like accession-no.,subject,author,keyword etc...
Books Search Management
This sub-module is featured to know about all the details of books in library and also this enables to find out book’s availability status. Book search is facilitated with customized options which make the search easier.
Reservation Management
This is a sub module of library. Every user (Staff/Student) is provided with username and password. By using their corresponding logins user can reserve books.
Bar-Code Integration
Bar-code scanning is integrated with library. Using this facility, the librarian don’t have to type book name, it is automatically detected through barcode.
Student Admission & Registration
The Library Management System is designed & developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the student’s/staff’s details. Its features are:

1 Barcode Scanning
2 Book/Catalog Management
3 Circulation Management
4 Custom User Interface
5 Customer Database
6 Customizable Reports
7 Search Functionality
8 Fine Calculation and Collection
9 Advance reservation of books
10 Renewal option

Books Return / Renewal Management.
This facility is used to keep track of the returned books and reissue the books with automatic fine calculation for delayed books return.
Library Settings
Required settings can be assigned by the librarian to manage the library transactions like assigning fine amount, management of reservation, book issue, return, renewal etc. This makes the library automation more flexible.
Vendor Details Management.
Details of the book vendors can be stored and updated by the librarian for further contacts
Library Reports.
The following reports can be generated
1 All Books In The Library
2 Issued Books In The Library
3 Non Issued Books In the Library
4 Class wise Book Issue
5 Reserved Books
6 Reservation Requests
7 Returned books
8 Renewed Books
9 Subject wise Books in Library
10 Monthly Report for both Issue and return
11 Date wise Issue
12 Date wise Return
13 History of a Book Transactions
14 Fine Collected
15 Members Report
16 Deleted Books In the Library

Periodicals Management.
  This module is incorporated to handle the journals entry and its updations with customized options. Search facility is made available under this category. Necessary reports are also included to make the management easier.
Library for Members.
This Module, which has been developed in a user friendly way allows the users to utilize their various library needs in an efficient way. Here the members are provided with category wise login having a unique password.
Library Users Search
This search facility is useful to know the availability details in their library books. Thus members can make effective requests to the librarian.
Reservation Request.
Here the members can themselves send their reservation request to the librarian which will ease the work of librarian. The request will be consented by librarian based on the books availability. Librarian has got the rights to accept or reject the reservation request which will be made known to the user when they login. Librarian can also manually reserve the books for the members.
Reservation Confirmation.
Here the members can see the details of the currently issued book and also the list of whole books which has been issued so far.
Issued books details.
This module deals with the evaluation and performance of all staff. The evaluation can be done by both student and staff. Entry to evaluation is restricted by user name and password. Staff performance is automatically calculated depends on the evaluation done.
Reserved books details
This provides the details of currently reserved books and also the list of all the reserved books. Once the member sends requests for reservation, on accepting the same by the librarian the member will get the details regarding the reservation under this section.
Request for new books
  Here the members can send suggestions about a particular book to the librarian. They can also send request to make available new books which can be examined by the librarian.
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