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Sharing your dreams by providing the best!
Being the pioneers and the innovators in developing, producing, selling and giving Fully Computerised Digital Language Lab, we know the business BEST. ETNL has designed copyright protected ETNL Language Lab in the year 2001-2002 and successfully implemented at St. Teresa's College. Now we have got Eight academic years experience in technology based English Language Teaching.

The scene from a typical language classroom would be nothing but a linguistic interaction between a teacher and about 60 students in classes of sixty minutes each. Here, it is almost impossible for the interaction between the student and teacher to exceed say, four to five times. This is where ETNL Language Lab could be of help!
With the right and necessary individual attention given to each student, our digital language labs are smart and easy. No matter the number of students, the ETNL Language Lab provides an equal opportunity for the students to be instructed and also to be heard by their instructor. The psychological privacy that the digital lab offers, helps even hesitant students to promote their speaking ability. It plays a huge role in enhancing the attention and listening skills of the student, which in turn plays an important role in them becoming linguistically fluent.

Our long years of experience in the field and the goodwill we have amidst our clients is what carries us forward. Providing tailor-made digital language labs that best suit our client’s purpose is our specialty.
We do everything that can help your students' language reach the next level!
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